Established in 2009, Recreate is a Cape Town-based interior design studio, which has truly perfected the art of turning trash into treasure. By rummaging through garages, storage rooms, old warehouses and garbage tips, we salvage discarded items and repurpose, restore and recreate them into timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, lighting and interior accessories. Each old, broken or discarded item that finds its way into our workshop is given a new function, form and lease on life, while retaining its original character and unique history.

Our small but talented team works from a charming little workshop and studio space in Woodstock, just a stone’s throw from the popular design hub of the Old Biscuit Mill. All of our products are locally manufactured, incorporate distinctly South African fabrics and design elements, and are sold in our studio along with a select collection of upcycled products by other local artisans. Our passion for upcycling inspires us to follow a strict no-waste policy. Everything from our packaging to our price tags and business cards is reused, recycled and repurposed.

While there are plenty of ready-made treasures waiting to be discovered in our studio, customers are encouraged to bring in their own sentimental items to be reimagined and customised into fully-functional bespoke artworks with a quirky twist and a high-end finish. We also specialise in interior design and decorating as well as providing a wide range of furniture restoration services.

From suitcases transformed into chairs, to a vintage hoover finding its new calling as a standing lamp, each and every one of our original products embodies creativity, nostalgia and environmental friendliness.